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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this real?

This is very real. If you have a hard math problem, just fill out the form and we’ll take care of your every need.

How long does it take to get my answer?

Depending on how many people need our services, it may take up to 24 hours or longer. If you have an emergency, please email us and tell us your seductive numerical set. We'll try to accommodate any request.

Even if your under, or over 18... we'll help you solve x.

Free math consulting for equations that can be solved within 5-10 minutes!

What are your hours?

We work hard around the clock and are available 24/7 to help you with the biggest math problems that have the hardest answers. We're not joking.. we know our craft better than we know ourselves.

If this is free how do you make money?

The first math problem is free! If you have a problem that takes 5-10mins to solve, we'll also give it to you free! Any additional services rendered require a small amount of $. How much do we charge you? You tell us how much it's worth and we'll make it work!

Can you help me with my statistics homework?

I heard you like bad boys.... I'm bad at everything, except: math, accounting, finance, statistics and just about every academic subject ;)

Can you help me with my accounting homework?

Sure, I'll debit your ledger!

Can you help me with my business Math homework?

Right swipe.

Can you help me with my economics homework?

Always remember: the invisible hand is stroking the market

Can you help me with my finance homework?

We've taken a keen interest in the subject matter, so much so we adjusted for inflation

Can you help me with my chemistry homework?

Only if you take off all your atoms!